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Researcher / Ph.D. candidate


연구분야 (Research fields)

  • 나이테 산소동위원소 분석

  • 연륜기후학 및 연륜고고학

  • ​목재 칠분석 및 보존처리

  • ​목재해부학


학위논문 (Dissertation)

  • 석사

     - 논문제목: 산소동위원소연륜연대기와 연륜연대기 상호간 비교

                     - 임목·수종·지역 상호간 일치도를 중심으로 -

     - 지도교수: 서정욱

     - 학교: 충북대학교

논문 (Publications)


  • Jeong-Wook Seo*, En-Bi Choi, Jun-Hui Park, Yo-Jung Kim and Hyo-In Lim. 2021. The role of aging and wind in inducing death and/or growth reduction in Korean Fir (Abies koreana Wilson) on Mt. Halla, Korea. Atmosphere, 12, 1135.

  • Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Na-Yeon Lee and Jeong-Wook Seo. 2021. Intra-annual dynamics of cambial and xylem phenology in subalpine conifers at Deogyusan National Park in the republic of Korea. Journal of Wood Science 67:22

  • Choi, E.-B., M. Sano, J.-H. Park, Y.-J. Kim, Z. Li, T. Nakatsuka, M. Hakozaki, K. Kimura, H.-M. Jeong, J.-W. Seo. 2020. Synchronizations of tree-ring d18O time series within and between tree species and provinces in Korea: a case study using dominant tree species in high elevation. Journal of Wood Science 66:53.

  • Choi, E.-B., Y.-J. Kim, J.-H. Park, C.-R. Park, J.-W. Seo. 2020. Reconstruction of resin collection history of pine forests in Korea from tree-ring dating. Sustainability 12: 9118.

  • 서정욱, 김요정, 최은비, 박준희, 김재훈. 2019. 한라산 영실지역 구상나무 고사연도와 시계열적 생육쇠퇴도 조사. 한국환경복원기술학회지 22(3): 1-14.

  • 서정욱, 정현민, 최은비, 박준희, 이광희, 김요정, 박홍철. 2017. 지리산국립공원 아고산대 주요 수종(주목, 잣나무, 구상나무, 신갈나무)에 대한 산소동위원소연대기 작성 및 기후와의 관계 분석. 목재공학 45(5):661-670.

  • 서정욱, 최은비, 주정덕, 신창섭. 2017. 월악산에 식재된 잣나무와 화백나무의 형성층 활동과 기후인자와의 관계. 목재공학 45(1):43-52.

수상경력 (Awards and Honors)


  • 한국목재공학회. 2017. 최우수논문상. Ring-width chronology vs δ18O tree-ring chronology. En-Bi Choi, Jun-Hui Park, Masaki Sano, Nayeong Lee, Hong-Chul Park, Jeong-Wook Seo. 

  • 한국목재공학회. 2018. 최우수논문상. Monitoring the seasonal cambial activities of Abies koreana, Pinus koraiensis, Picea jezoensis, and Taxus cuspidata at Hyangjukbong in Mt. Dukyou and their relationships with the degree-days. Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Jeong-Wook Seo, Hong-Chul Park.

  • 한국목재공학회. 2019. Investing the mortality of Abies koreana at Yeongshinbong in Jirisan National Park and their inter-annual growth pattern. Jun-Hui Park, Yo-Jung Kim, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Jeong-Wook Seo.

  • 한국목재공학회. 2022. 최우수논문상. New device for connecting between an increment borer and hand drill to support the extraction of increment cores.  En-Bi Choi, Jun-Hui Park, Jeong-Wook Seo.

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