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Researcher / Ph.D. candidate


연구분야 (Research fields)

  • 형성층활동 모니터링

  • 목재의 해부학적 특징을 이용한 재질 분석

  • 나이테 산소동위원소 분석

  • 수종분석

학위논문 (Dissertation)

  • 석사

     - 덕유산국립공원 아고산대에 자생하는 구상나무와 주목의 형성층 활동과

       목부세포 형성 모니터링

     - Eng Title: Monitoring of Intra-Annual Cambial Activity and Xylem Formation in

       Abies koreana and Taxus cuspidata in the Subalpine Zone at Deogyusan

       National  Park

     - 지도: 서정욱 교수

     - 학교: 충북대학교

논문 (Publications)

  • Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Na-Yeon Lee and Jeong-Wook Seo. 2021. Intra-annual dynamics of cambial and xylem phenology in subalpine conifers at Deogyusan National Park in the republic of Korea. Journal of Wood Science 67:22.

  • Hye-Ji Yoo, Jeong-Deok Ju, Jun-Hui Park, Chang-Seob Shin, Chang-deuk Eom, Jeong-Wook Seo. 2021. Estimation of the optimal periods for planting and felling Larix kaempferi based on the period of its cambial activity. Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology 49(5): 399-415.

  • Choi, E.-B., M. Sano, J.-H. Park, Y.-J. Kim, Z. Li, T. Nakatsuka, M. Hakozaki, K. Kimura, H.-M. Jeong, J.-W. Seo. 2020. Synchronizations of tree-ring d18O time series within and between tree species and provinces in Korea: a case study using dominant tree species in high elevation. Journal of Wood Science 66:53.

  • Choi, E.-B., Y.-J. Kim, J.-H. Park, C.-R. Park, J.-W. Seo. 2020. Reconstruction of resin collection history of pine forests in Korea from tree-ring dating. Sustainability 12: 9118.

  • 서정욱, 김요정, 최은비, 박준희, 김재훈. 2019. 한라산 영실지역 구상나무 고사연도와 시계열적 생육쇠퇴도 조사. 한국환경복원기술학회지 22(3): 1-14.

  • 서정욱, 정현민, 최은비, 박준희, 이광희, 김요정, 박홍철. 2017. 지리산국립공원 아고산대 주요 수종(주목, 잣나무, 구상나무, 신갈나무)에 대한 산소동위원소연대기 작성 및 기후와의 관계 분석. 목재공학 45(5):661-670

수상경력 (Awards and Honors)


  • 한국목재공학회. 2017. 최우수논문상. Ring-width chronology vs δ18O tree-ring chronology. En-Bi Choi, Jun-Hui Park, Masaki Sano, Nayeong Lee, Hong-Chul Park, Jeong-Wook Seo. 

  • 한국목재공학회. 2018. 최우수논문상. Monitoring the seasonal cambial activities of Abies koreana, Pinus koraiensis, Picea jezoensis, and Taxus cuspidata at Hyangjukbong in Mt. Dukyou and their relationships with the degree-days. Jun-Hui Park, En-Bi Choi, Jeong-Wook Seo, Hong-Chul Park.

  • 한국목재공학회. 2019. Investing the mortality of Abies koreana at Yeongshinbong in Jirisan National Park and their inter-annual growth pattern. Jun-Hui Park, Yo-Jung Kim, En-Bi Choi, Hong-Chul Park, Jeong-Wook Seo.

  • 한국목재공학회. 2022. 최우수논문상. New device for connecting between an increment borer and hand drill to support the extraction of increment cores.  En-Bi Choi, Jun-Hui Park, Jeong-Wook Seo.


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